Thursday, October 30, 2008

Higher or Lower? Great Way to Get a Credit Card

I was talking with some guys from work, reminiscing on some closing tactics from some sales closers we used to have...and when I say "used to" I mean before we had ethics and started drug-testing. I've seen and heard a LOT of amazing closing strategies to get a credit card number over the phone. This one about takes the cake.

Client: "I don't know...I'm, I'm a bit nervous about this. I need the weekend to sleep on it."

Closer: "Listen sister, you're 16 digits away from success, and I already know the first number is 4, so do us both a favor and read off the other 15, okay?"

(awkward silence)

Client: "I...I can't. I'm not 100% sure I'm confident in your company."

Closer: "Okay, let's do this." (pulls out his wallet, grabs a credit card) You gotta pen? Write this down 4311247728339728."

Client: "Uh...what's this?"

Closer: "I just gave you my credit card number. See...I trust YOU. So you trust me and read me yours."

Client: (even more awkward silence) "What?"

Closer: "Okay, let's play a game. I'll guess the next number and you tell me if it's Higher or"

Client: "Uh...higher?"

Closer: "8?"

Client: "Nope."

Closer: "7?"

Client: "Yup."

Closer: "Okay, let's go for the next one. I guess....uh...2?"

Client: "Higher."

...and this went on and on. No joke. Finally, by about the 11th number the client realized this was retarted and hung up. A valiant effort though. 

This same guy was once set up to close a deal by his little brother who was on his sales team. The client asked him at the beginning of the call somewhat arrogantly, "So, are you like...the closer?"

"Phil...listen, I have actually reached the status of Master Closer, so if you would please refer to me as Master, that'd make me more comfortable."

Is rep drug-testing really necessary? All the fun went out with the urine samples. 


Carson Poppenger said...

That's awesome, imagine if we had those recordings... You could have a whole new content / ad site dedicated to hilarious sales calls. Write that down, big money in that...


Mike said...

I love it. Sounds even worse than the boiler room.

Please write a new post everyday. I will bring an extra pair of undies to change into after messing myself